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Los Puentes más terrorificos del mundo

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Con 167 metros, el puente de suspensión
ubicado en el glacial de Trif, Suiza, es el
puente de cuerdas más alto y largo de Europa.

 Fotografías espectaculares de los puentes colgantes más peligrosos y asombrosos del mundo.
Da vértigo solo de mirar las imágenes y comprobar la gran altura o desnivel que salvan estas
obras de ingeniería. Unos unen márgenes de ríos mientras que otros acercan dos montañas.

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 Most Dangerous Bridges In The World: Rope Hanging Bridges.

By Anastasia ⋅ May 11, 2009 ⋅ Post a comment

In an earlir post, we have discussed some of the roads that are listed among the most dangerous in the world ... for driving.  Today, we'd like to acquaint you with some of the world's most dangerous bridges that are meant only for walking.  These are the so-called rope hanging bridges. You can find a wide variety of these bridges in countries like India, Malaysia, Philippines, New Zealand, Pakistan, Nepal, as well as in the interiors of some other countries.

A bridge can prove to be dangerous for a variety of reasons; either because it's very old, narrow, too high up above the land, over a quick river or if the wooden "floor" goes missing.  What makes them dangerous is the fact that in spite of the condition of the bridge, they have to be used; as many a time, these pathways are the main or even the only way for the local inhabitants of a small village to reach a bigger city.   Among all the bridges, the most popular among tourists are the hanging bridges.  Let's take a look at some of them.

Before we start, I'd like to make a small note that this post is not meant to be scientific or a historical fact-sheet.   The intention is to provide some entertainment in the form of a picturesque fun post that may even hold a surprise element.  If you have ever seen or been on any such bridges, let us know and we'll add it to the post.  Enjoy the post!




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